Who We Are

Pearson Health Tech Insights, LLC’s principal and founder, Glenn Pearson, brings more than 30 years of experience in the hospital world.  After spending six years working in acute care (an academic medical center and a major teaching hospital), he provided leadership at two different hospital associations for the next 25 years.  During those 25 years, he actively participated in nearly 150 hospital association board meetings, leading the discussion and strategy development on many issues crucial to the hospital industry at virtually every meeting. 

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Broad Knowledge and Deep Expertise
Every single industry issue that hospitals have faced over the last quarter century was covered in one or more of those association board meetings, giving Glenn an incredibly broad understanding of healthcare issues.  Additionally, during his 19+ year tenure as Executive Vice President of Georgia Hospital Association, he led the following areas at various times:

  • Finance – Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, Workers’ Comp, issues of the uninsured
  • Data
  • Information Technology
  • Communications and Public Relations
  • Government Relations
  • Entrepreneurial Services

This extensive background provides deep knowledge in critical areas of the healthcare world.

Experienced Developer and Technology Expert

During the course of his career, Glenn has developed numerous programs and services from the ground up.  While working as Vice President at the Hospital Council of Western Michigan, he was solely responsible for developing two very successful data analytics programs. This involved conceiving the ideas, designing the deliverables, orchestrating the necessary organizational and contractual relationships, determining the technical specifications to produce the reports, marketing the program, generating all reports, and helping customers utilize the reports to their fullest.  Both programs were embraced by the marketplace and generated significant revenue for the Hospital Council.

As Executive Vice President at Georgia Hospital Association, he co-developed the successful MV Managed Care data project which allows participating hospitals see, within the anti-trust limits, how their payments from specific managed care payers by individual product line compare to their peers' payments.  Besides being widely adopted within Georgia, MV Managed Care was picked up by two other hospital associations for sale in their states.

Furthermore, in the early 2000s, Glenn was lead GHA designer for various HIPAA preparation services which were developed in conjunction with a major national law firm and a major IT consultant and which generated approximately $1.5M.  Glenn also led a GHA team in creating a one-of-a-kind series of Y2K educational programs that was endorsed by the American Hospital Association and offered in 41 states.  Besides propelling GHA to national prominence, this series also generated a net profit of over $400,000.

Glenn was also founding president of the predecessor organization to the Georgia Heath Information Network and currently serves as its treasurer and Financial Sustainability Committee chair.  In these role, he helps provide leadership to a complex start-up organization.

Glenn also serves as a mentor in the Emergence and NeuroLaunch technology accelerator programs and is on the advisory boards for Big Cloud Analytics and Illuminate 360 big data companies.

National and Statewide Impact

Beyond his roles at Georgia Hospital Association, Glenn is extremely well-connected in the broader healthcare and business communities.  He:

  • Was elected as American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Regent for Georgia to represent the state’s 1,500 affiliates to the 35,000-member international personal membership society
  • Has served on six different ACHE committees
  • Served on the Technology Association of Georgia Health Society founding board and later served as Chair of that society
  • Chaired two national professional organizations of hospital association executives in both the finance and entrepreneurial services arenas
  • Served on numerous state-appointed or statewide committees dealing with various technology and funding issues
  • Actively participates in the Leadership Atlanta program

Expanding the Team
Glenn’s extensive network allows him to reach into various pockets of the healthcare world to draw in experts with specific knowledge of hospital operations, clinical services, finance, technology, communications, and other areas.  This connectedness allows him to access both senior executives and front-line personnel who can provide insightful and incisive real-life feedback  about specific products and services.  Furthermore,through professional affiliations with other industry experts, we can offer comprehensive planning and business services.  Just ask about this!