What We Do

Pearson Health Tech Insights, LLC helps organizations in the healthcare arena:

  • Evaluate the true market potential of developing products and services
  • Create effective marketing approaches for both emerging and established products

Services to entrepreneurs, start-ups and established vendor organizations:

  • True Market Receptivity Analyses – An assessment of how marketable your product or service really is based on feedback from a panel of experts representing the job positions within a hospital or healthcare setting who would typically be part of the purchase decision.    This process is invaluable to start-up companies to help you design your products match what end users truly want.
  • Hospital Marketing Tune-Up Program – A comprehensive assessment of your market position, taking into consideration how you have designed and positioned your product in light of the sometimes-unique requirements of working with the hospital community.
  • Business and Financial Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Customized Plans and Analyses


Services to Investors:

  • Outsourcing of Market Due Diligence Process - We can conduct your entire market due diligence process
  • True Market Receptivity Analyses (see above) - True Market Receptivity Analysis reports can undergird your due diligence processes as you consider whether or not to fund a given company.
  • Supplemental Market Receptivity Services - Even if you have in-house analytical capabilities, we can provide an industry insider perspective to supplement your internal processes.


Education and Training:

Public speaking engagements for a variety of conferences, and training sessions for professionals who sell to the hospital and healthcare fields.  Topics include:

  • 6 Degrees of Health Tech:  How Connected Health Care Is Changing Everything
  • 68 Pitfalls of Marketing to Hospitals You Didn’t Even Know Existed
    • 2 Timing Pitfalls
    • 7 Credibility Pitfalls
    • 3 Product Design Pitfalls
    • 3 Market Misreading Pitfalls
    • 8 Data/Technical Pitfalls
    • 7Communications
    • 12 Financial Pitfalls
    • 3 Legal/Regulatory/Bureaucracy Pitfalls
    • 2 External Political Pitfalls
    • 11 Internal Political Pitfalls
    • 10 Organizational/Operational Pitfalls
  • Hospitals 101 – An overview of the chaotic climate hospitals operate in
  • The Alternative Universe of Healthcare - A discussion of how, although in some ways hospitals and the healthcare system resemble other businesses, in reality they have many quirks that make them far from typical businesses
  • The Wacky World of Hospital Finances - An in-depth presentation of the complexities, challenges and emerging trends within hospitals’ various funding sources
  • The Worst Sales Pitches of All Time – Anecdotes illustrating how not to sell to hospitals