What Others Say

Glenn Pearson's encyclopedic knowledge of the hospital market is amazing!  Pearson Health Tech Insights helped us understand that there are many more forces at play than just the simple purchasing decision.

Matt Ethington

Chief Executive Officer

Chronic Care IQ


As we were developing our strategy for reaching hospitals, we engaged Pearson Health Tech Insights.  They have been invaluable in helping us hone our approach, anticipate concerns, identify pain points, and locate budget.  Time and time again their insights have proven to be quite accurate.  We look at PHTI as not just a consulting company, but as an indispensable strategic partner.  

George Duffield

Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances

What’s Up Interactive/Oplogics



Glenn has built a career around understanding existing technology and the trends in emerging technology.  Couple this with a unique ability to communicate complex concepts and build cohesive coalitions and Glenn is imminently qualified to help diverse organizations determine strategy, implementation, and direction.  Glenn has an ability to cut through the noise around an issue and zero in on the most important concepts, communicate these in a clear manner, and provide thoughtful insight into what it all means

Lance Duke

Chief Executive Officer (Retired)

Columbus Regional Health System

Columbus, GA



Glenn is a consummate professional with a lifetime of experience in healthcare information technology.  His knowledge of the subject matter, the centers of influence in HIT, and the finances that make it all work make him the person to contact for HIT companies, both new and established.  There is no chance that the Georgia Health Information Exchange would exist without Glenn.  The healthcare industry owes him a huge “Thank You”!


James Morrow, MD

CEO, Morrow Family Medicine, LLC

HIMSS Davies Award Winner for EMR Implementation

Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Phoenix Award Winner

as Community Leader of the Year in Health IT