THA Solutions Group – Request for Information

About THA Solutions Group

THA Solutions Group (THASG), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tennessee Hospital Association (THA), is a customer-driven organization that is a valued and primary resource for all THA members.  Its mission is to provide relevant, cost effective, and quality products and services to its members.

THASG partners with a variety of management and professional programs, which are offered in various ways to THA members.  These programs include solutions that specialize in:

·         Consulting

·         Insurance

·         Administration and Operations

·         Benefit and Expense Management

·         Facility/Project Management

·         Financial Services

·         Human Resources

·         Revenue Cycle

The Request

Currently, THASG is looking to expand its portfolio of partner companies in the following areas:

·         Assisting member hospitals in mining their existing data, helping them gain relevant insights that will help with clinical, financial, and/or management decisions.  Among the types of analytics desired relate to:

o   Clinical utilization patterns

o   Resource consumption patterns

o   Care coordination

o   Others – This list is not exhaustive

·         More effectively communicating across the continuum of care (inpatient, outpatient, physician offices, long term care, home care, hospice care, etc.)

·         Maximizing care coordination

·         Examining clinical variation with the objective of helping improve quality and reducing unnecessary utilization

THASG has contracted with Pearson Health Tech Insights, LLC (PHTI) to identify vendors that have high quality products or services that meet the THA Solutions Group criteria, which are as follows:

1.      Approach to Return on Investment evaluations – PHTI will analyze a company’s logic and math calculations to assure that they are conservative and realistic.

2.      Organizational financial and product operational stability – Ideally, THASG and its vendor partners work together for several years.  As a result, PHTI will evaluate a company’s and the product’s likelihood of long term stability including its existing client base and, to the extent appropriate under disclosure policies, financial stability.

3.      Stage – Related to item #2, THASG will give preference to established companies and products with a reasonably well-established client base. 

4.      Sales strategy – THASG provides strong support and visibility opportunities for its vendor partners.  It has learned that successful partnerships require a vendor’s in-state presence.  Many vendors employ sales executives with responsibility for and in-state representation for multiple states (including Tennessee), and this has been a successful strategy.  Partnerships without a “boots on the ground” vendor presence in Tennessee are not likely to prosper.

5.      As appropriate, communication of required information among care-giving entities (hospitals, physician offices, and other outpatient care settings) and across various data platforms

6.      Agreement with THASG’s terms of engagement -  The initial contracting period is 3 years.  THASG develops a customized visibility program for each of its vendors.  Typically, this includes:

·         Promotion

·         Personal introductions to potential clients

·         Ongoing follow-up

·         Personalized statewide marketing plan

·         Complimentary corporate membership in THA

·         Various education opportunities

·         A $1,000 credit toward a sponsorship opportunity at a THA event

·         Preferred speaking status for THA educational events

In exchange for these services, the vendor will:

·         Pay THASG $2,500 per year for support services

·         Pay THASG a percentage (to be negotiated) of sales

o   Must guarantee a minimum payment of $15,000 (in addition to the $2,500 amount for support services) per year to THASG

How to Respond

Companies that wish to be considered as potential THASG vendor partners should contact via email Glenn Pearson, Principal at Pearson Health Tech Insights, LLC: – 770/861-6941.  Please put in the subject line of your email:  “RESPONSE TO THASG REQUEST FOR INFORMATION.   Include the following:

  • Company name, contact information, one page summary of the list of products/services offered, and website
  • ­Brief answers to items #2, #3, #4, and #5 above and a statement that, pending further negotiation with THASG, it agrees with the general terms of engagement as described in #6 above.  Lengthy responses are not requested or desired

PHTI will screen potential partners for fit and will contact companies that fit the THASG profile to discuss their ROI approach (item #1 above) in detail.  PHTI will present a slate of potential vendor partners to THASG in advance of its June board meeting, after which THASG will conduct more detailed company evaluations and discussions.

Responses are requested as soon as possible, but no later than Friday, May 5.  Questions about this process may be directed to Glenn Pearson via the email or phone contact information listed above.