As the ACO Program Illustrates, Mandates Only Go So Far

The following letter was printed in the "Comment" section of  the May 28, 2018 edition of MODERN HEALTHCARE magazine. 


The article “Rather than face risk, many ACOs could leave” (, May 14) illustrates the limits of top-down mandates.  Accountable Care Organizations can be a great way to improve patient outcomes in an economically viable way.  But between the CMS program’s constantly changing rules and increased pressure on ACOs to accept financial risk, it’s not surprising that some are re-evaluating the cost/benefit of the program and considering leaving.  

Additionally, the concept of assigning patients retrospectively makes no sense.  Expecting physicians to manage an undefined group of patients sounds like someone’s master’s thesis that somehow got implemented as policy. The first step in any management process includes defining upfront who and what you are trying to manage.  

We are seeing a similar pattern in the provider world, where many older physicians are deciding that the overhead burdens from MACRA and other regulatory requirements outweigh the benefits of remaining in practice and are retiring early.  

Those who want to prompt new behaviors have two choices:  Design something that achieves the program’s objectives while being acceptable to those on the receiving end, or make the changes mandatory and live with the consequences.


Glenn E. Pearson, FACHE

Principal, Pearson Health Tech Insights, LLC

Marietta, GA




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