What I Learned About Leadership From Cycling - Part 3 of 3

So here is the final installment of leadership lessons I have learned from cycling.  You can read parts 1 and 2 by simply scrolling down this list of blogs.  As a refresher, let me list the headings of the first six lessons:

·         When things get tough, sometimes the best solution is just muscling through

·         Don't psyche yourself out

·         Know what factors really matter and address them

·         Don’t start out without the right resources

·         Recognize the role of teamwork

·         Recognize that sometimes it is all about you


And now, here are my final thoughts:

·         Look for stronger cyclists to ride with – It’s amazing how you tend to match the ability level of those you ride with, either for good or for bad.

One of the saddest sights in leadership is seeing someone who is too threatened to hire people who are smarter or better than they are.  When the people I hire excel, it shows how smart I am to be able to find and retain such talent.



·         Be kind - Sometimes you'll be the strongest rider, and sometimes you'll be the weakest.  No one likes to be humiliated, and I always appreciate it when, even if I’m dropped or left behind on a group ride, the other guys still treat me with respect. 

On the job, leaders occasionally have to deliver unpleasant news and sometimes have to reassign or even dismiss someone, but it should always be done in the most humane way possible.  Each of us has been on the wrong end of bad news and perhaps even being asked to leave, so it’s important to remember how tough that can be.


·         When stopping in Publix after a ride to pick up some milk, be sure to pull regular shorts up over your spandex cycling shorts – Can't think of any leadership parallels for this one but thought it was worth including anyway.


So there you have it:  several insights from cycling that I feel have made me a more effective healthcare leader.  Hope you have been able to glean something useful from this!